Reverting "Python 3 Migration Improvements" Change

Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at
Mon Feb 23 13:11:20 UTC 2015

I have to inform you that I had to revert the "Python 3 Migration Improvements" change for F22 - more precisely, its parts that would've caused both Python 2 and Python 3 being on atomic host or minimal cloud image. The reason is mentioned in [1] - in short, policycoreutils-python3 has only partial functionality compared to policycoreutils-python, which I didn't understand from my communication with its maintainers previously. It's too late to implement and repackage that now, so I'm reverting the change.

I went on and asked maintainers of packages that are either on atomic host or minimal cloud image to revert the Python 3 changes in F22 (authconfig and firewalld) - I did this myself for packages that didn't seem to have maintainers online (pcp and gettext) - these are the packages marked with (*) in [2] (some of them were supposed to be rebuilt today, so I put a note in BZ to only rebuild for F23).
Since both Python interpreters have already been on livedvd for several releases, I think it's still safe to rebuild the rest with Python 3 (== those not marked with (*)) for F22, if their maintainers wish to do so. Either way, this change is not happening for F22 as submitted.

For F23, I'll do some updates to [3], then discuss the form of bugreport to mass file here and then do mass filing. Hopefully I'll get to this during this week or next week.

Thanks for understanding. And huge thanks goes to everyone who took part in this effort. We really did tons of work and were very close - for F23, we're doing this!


(damn, this was hard to write...)


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