kernel 4.0-rc1

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Mon Feb 23 13:41:57 UTC 2015

Hi All,

The upstream kernel bumped the major version to 4.0-rc1 yesterday.
Barring any unforeseen local test failures, the 4.0-rc1 build should
land in the f22/rawhide composes tomorrow.  The koji builds will be
available a bit later today.

Most of the userspace issues around the major version number changing
should have been sorted out with the 3.x change 3 years ago.  However,
one can never underestimate the short-sightedness of humans so some
things might still pop up.  If you are using out of tree drivers
(vbox, nvidia) you might want to pay extra attention.  This is just a
heads up in case you have weird issues arise.

If you have a userspace issue that you think is due to the version
number (not a normal kernel crash or driver problem), please be sure
to indicate that in any bugs you may file by including "kernel 4.x" in
the subject.  Please also test with the last 3.20 kernel build before
declaring this a 4.x version issue, and indicate that in the bug as
well.  Hopefully these bugs will be few and far between.


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