systemd-219 issues with 22 and Rawhide composes

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek zbyszek at
Tue Feb 24 00:51:17 UTC 2015

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 04:02:50PM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> There are patches waiting in:
> And I think almost every poster so far in this thread has the technical knowledge to review them.
Yeah, sorry, I previously looked at the anaconda patch, and they only thing
that looked bad was 'except OSError, e' (i.e. python 2.5 syntax). Looking
at it again, it might be better to warn and continue if the removal fails.
Missing resolv conf is probably not worth breaking installation over.
The same applies for the other patch.


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