New Upstream Release Monitoring Systems

Matthias Runge mrunge at
Tue Feb 24 09:20:09 UTC 2015

On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 03:36:11PM -0500, Ralph Bean wrote:
> I'm proud to announce that the Infrastructure team has finished deploying the
> first iteration of our replacement for the older, wiki-based Upstream Release
> Monitoring tools this week.  You can read about the details of the trio of
> systems[1] now used to coordinate upstream release monitoring on the same old
> wiki page.
> Names of systems:
> - pkgdb is the familiar Fedora Package DB
>   It provides some flags used by the other systems.
> - anitya is the web app running at
>   It is responsible for scraping upstream release sites looking for new
>   releases.
> - the-new-hotness is a backend daemon that responds to fedmsg messages about
>   upstream releases.

This is very cool! Thank you and congrats to the new release!

Matthias Runge <mrunge at>

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