i686 kernel bug priority plan

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 14:30:29 UTC 2015

>>>>> i686 Kernel SIG steps up and agrees to handle bugs on that platform
>>>> Interesting so you are saying that the kernel sub community is
>>>> effectively
>>>> only x86_64
>>>> If you are going down that road you better ask for every <arch> kernel
>>>> SIG
>>>> to emerge or step up in the process.
>>>> Where does ARM fit in this plan
>>> The ARM SIG has always been primary on the ARM kernel and associated
>>> issues.
>> For that matter so have aarch64/ppc64/s390 SIGs
> Should not the kernel list be renamed to x86_64 to be in-line with and
> follow the tradition of the other architectures mailinglist setup?

No, if you read the list archives there's discussions across all
architectures about the kernel there, the arch SIG lists cover
userspace, testing and other things other than just kernel.


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