repo-mirrorlist quality control?

Richard Z rz at
Thu Feb 26 00:04:13 UTC 2015

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 10:22:08AM -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Feb 2015 17:47:47 +0100
> Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 at> wrote:

> > > There will be such times, sure.
> > Here (Germany), in recent times, they happen almost daily. My guess
> > is the "fedora flavors", the launch of f22 and the mass-rebuild on
> > rawhide are showing their nasty side.
> So, to be clear you see daily where 'yum update' gives you all mirrors
> erroring out and you cannot get a update list? And 'yum clean all'
> doesn't help?

in my case those are only very rarely hard errors, yum tries one or a few 
more mirrors and continues so maybe not everyone notices.
But the errors are very frequent recently, seems like for every package 
that is to be updated yum tries a list of known bad mirrors before 
getting it from some other mirror.

In part I blame yum - when updating 50 packages in one transaction and
a single mirror fails more than once it is silly to retry this very
mirror over and over for all other packages.

But something also seems wrong with the mirror configuration here.


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