Why sysrq is limited to only "sync" command on official fedora kernel?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat Feb 28 02:28:30 UTC 2015

Am 28.02.2015 um 03:14 schrieb Nico Kadel-Garcia:
>> On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 9:39 AM, Michal Schmidt <mschmidt at redhat.com> wrote:
>>> On 02/25/2015 03:04 PM, Josh Boyer wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 8:54 AM, Ali AlipourR <alipoor90 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Why sysrq is limited to only "sync" command on official fedora kernel?
>>> The kernel itself isn't limited.  It's just set that way in
>>> /usr/lib/sysctl.d/50-default.conf which is provided by systemd.  You
>>> can edit that file,
>> The file in /usr will be overwritten by the next package update.
>>> create your own in /etc/sysctl.d/,
>> Yes, local configuration belongs to /etc.
>> See also "man sysctl.d".
> Except, of course, that it is apparently Leonard Pottering's announced desire to stop people from using /etc/

stop that trolling

*local* CONFIGURATIONS belong to /etc and nothing else

Lennarts point is that any defaults and package data don't belong there 
and he is not completly wrong in that context - in the best case you 
would have a operating system with *nothing* in /etc and any package 
shipped stuff can have a *override* file with the same name in /etc

at the end this would also obsolete all that rpmnew / rpmsave stuff just 
because files from packages would no longer be touched by a user but 
*completly* ignored from the moment there is a replacement in /etc

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