F22 Self Contained Change: Gradle 2.x

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Tue Jan 20 11:23:32 UTC 2015

= Proposed Self Contained Change: Gradle 2.x =

Change owner(s): Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk at redhat.com>

This change aims at making latest version of Gradle available in Fedora and 
making it possible to easily build Fedora packages using Gradle. 

== Detailed Description ==
Gradle [1] is a popular Java build automation tool, which can automate 
building, testing, publishing, deployment and more of software packages or 
other types of projects such as generated static websites, generated 
documentation or indeed anything else.

This change brings latest upstream version of Gradle to Fedora, which enables 
Fedora users to use Gradle to work with software projects.

This change also implements integration with software used for Java packaging 
in Fedora (XMvn and Javapackages), which makes it possible to use standard 
Fedora pagkaging techniques to build RPM packages with Gradle with all 
features, such as automatic artifact installation or auto-requires/provides. 

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners:
** Package latest Gradle 2.x
** Implement local Gradle resolver so that RPM packages can be built with 
** Update Java Packaging HOWTO to include information about Gradle packaging

* Other developers:
** Maintainers of packages not built with Gradle and which upstreams are using 
Gradle as build system can optionally update their packages to be built with 
Gradle, but that's not absolutely required as existing ways of building Java 
packages will continue to work.

* Release engineering: N/A

* Policies and guidelines: N/A

[1] http://gradle.org/
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