Packages without the Rawhide branch?

Matěj Cepl mcepl at
Thu Jan 29 00:04:34 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-28, 21:10 GMT, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>> I have just created (and got approved) python-mako1.0 as 
>> a compatibility package for EPEL-6. When I asked for the new 
>> repo for it, I expect to get also devel/Rawhide branch for it.  
>> However, I don't see any purpose of it. Should I just orphan the 
>> devel branch of it? Or is there a way how to get a package 
>> without it in the first place? Shouldn't it be possible?
> Yes, just retire and add a dead.package the devel branch. 
> There's no better way to do this currently.

And couldn't we make the script which builds the repos 
understand some syntax extension to do it? E.g., what about

    New Package SCM Request
    Package Name: foo
    Short Description: fobricates bar
    Upstream URL:
    Owners: jdoe
    Branches: el6 epel7 -devel

Perhaps it would do just the retirement of devel branch.

What about that?



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