Mass bug filing proposal - switching to Python3

Robert Kuska rkuska at
Wed Jul 1 13:33:53 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I would like to start with Mass bug filing process and as stated
at wiki, the first step is to gain consensus for what I want to make.

Note please that this mass bug filing is conditioned with acceptance of
'Python3 as default' change which will be discussed at todays (01-Jul) 
meeting. This mass bug filing aims for python applications.

What is python application?
Application foo is not meant to be used within others python libraries via `import foo`
and both  python3 and python2 versions of foo provides same functionality and therefore
only one version is  needed. This also includes scripts. DevAssistant is an *application*
- We invoke DA and we don't care if it is python2 and python3 based, both will fulfill
our task. 

Bug description proposal follows:

With the recent change in packaging and upcoming system wide 
change 'Python3 as default' Fedora is switching from using Python2
interpreter as default to Python3. This means that all applications
accessible through default Fedora repositories running or using Python 
should run on/use Python3.


Q: How do I know if my application is using Python?
A: If this bug is filled against your application it is using Python
yet mistakes happen so if your application does not use Python (and you
double checked on that) please close this bug with a comment stating that.

Q: How to switch to Python3?
A: First, make sure that upstream supports Python3. Next switch
all macros to its python3 equivalents[0] and change all shebangs
using python or python2 to use python3, also replace all the dependencies
python2 dependencies. If stuck contact the reporter.

Q: What if upstream doesn't support Python3?
A: Don't switch to python3, open a bug in upstream asking to support Python3,
help upstream with porting to Python3 (optional) and leave the fedora bug opened 
for tracking. Bug should be closed once the Python3 support is added.


Bug description ends.

Robert Kuska

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