An update about: Checking the ABI of packages submitted to the updates-testing Fedora repository

Dodji Seketeli dodji at
Wed Jul 1 15:11:26 UTC 2015


Martin Krizek <mkrizek at> a écrit:

> From what I understood, the current status of the ABI comparison is that it only
> works with C/C++ programs.


> Have you given a thought on how do we know that the build under test
> includes a C program and so we should run the comparison on it?

The comparison program (abipkgdiff) inspects the debug information that
is present int the debug info package associated to the current package
being built.  abipkgdiff should know if it can handle the binary or not.
That is, if the binary was generated from C or C++, for instance.

> Currently we just listen on fedmsgs that koji sends about completed
> builds. So we need something that would tell us "this rpm includes a
> program in X language - run Y check on it". This is essentially a
> general concern for the future checks that would run on builds that
> include programs in a specific language.

I think, there is nothing to change in koji or Taskotron for this.  The
abi checking taskotron task gets triggered on every single RPM that it
builds, and abipkgdiff is called on it.  Then abipkgdiff decides if it
can handle the RPM or not.

I hope this helps.



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