Mass bug filing proposal - switching to Python3

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> Dne 1.7.2015 v 15:33 Robert Kuska napsal(a):
> > I would like to start with Mass bug filing process and as stated
> > at wiki, the first step is to gain consensus for what I want to make.
> I maintain several python applications, but not all python libraries are
> available for python3 yet.
> Just few weeks ago I filed BZ "please provide python3 subpackage" for several
> libraries as the python3 subpackage
> neither exist yet nor it was reported yet.
> Can you rather file BZs for all python libraries which does not provide
> python3 library yet? And start filing
> application BZs only where all (or at least most) libraries will support
> python3.

I believe Robert's point is that once a bug is filled on an application,
it is the application's maintainer's obligation to file any additional bugs
that may be needes (Please let me know, if I understand it incorrectly, Robert).

That said, I tend to agree that filing against both all applications and modules
may be preferable, since we want as many packages as possible to support Python 3.


> For example absence of python3 support in ansible modules and
> python-openstackclient is real blocker for me.
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