F23 System Wide Change: Layered Docker Image Build Service

Jan Kurik jkurik at redhat.com
Fri Jul 3 06:59:48 UTC 2015

= Proposed System Wide Change: Layered Docker Image Build Service =

Change owner(s):
  * Colin Walters <walters AT redhat DOT com>
  * Adam Miller <maxamillion AT gmail DOT com >
  * Tomas Tomecek <ttomecek AT redhat DOT com>
  * Tim Waugh <twaugh AT redhat DOT com>

Fedora currently ships a Docker base image, but Docker supports a layering concept. There are some applications like Cockpit which we would like to ship as layered applications.
This change will deploy the build service to support building and delivering a set of layered Docker images, and will enable Fedora contributors to create and maintain Dockerfiles from which those images will be generated. 

== Detailed Description ==
This change opens up an new type of official binary artifact produced by Fedora. Currently, we produce two main types of artifacts: RPMs, and images. The RPMs are created in Koji from specfiles in dist-git. The images come in different formats, but have in common creation in Koji from kickstart files — this includes the official Fedora Docker Base Image. This change introduces a new type of image, a Docker Layered Image, which is created from a Dockerfile and builds on top of that base image.

The system has five major parts:

    * A command-line client — already integrated into rpkg; needs only minor work to enable in fedpkg
    * dist-git for Dockerfiles
    * A koji plugin, containerbuild
    * An OpenShift 3 backend
    * A distribution mechanism; initially, this will be 
        1. ftp/http mirror (either alt or main mirrors), and
        2. pushed to upstream Docker hub (running our own registry is currently out of scope; see below) 

For more information, see this presentation for the high level overview of the whole system. 

== Scope ==
For the Scope of this Change please check https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Layered_Docker_Image_Build_Service#Scope

Jan Kuřík
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