Re: Non responsive maintainer: Jaromír Cápík

Luya Tshimbalanga luya at
Wed Jul 8 02:55:42 UTC 2015

On 07/07/15 06:03 AM, Jaromir Capik wrote:
> Dear Luya.
> I consider this to be one of the most unfair manner
> I've ever seen in my life.
I apologize you have read that way.
> You haven't tried to contact me directly in any way
> even when it is not difficult at all. I'm available
> on the #fedora-devel IRC channel and you could send
> me a direct e-mail message as well. Instead of that
> you spam the devel list.
I agree that I should directly communicate with your e-mail address as I
thought bugzilla will notify about the report and also made an effort to
put phatch to
release-monitoring,org website so you can easily track the change:

>  Please, read the policy
> for non-responsive package maintainers before doing
> such thing again. I maintain 10x more components
> than you do and also work on fedora affiliated
> projects that need my focus right now. Even of that
> I managed to decrease the high number of opened bugs
> to 80% during the last year. 
I understand you maintain more packages than I. I have also outside work
to take care as well and tried to contribute as much as I can.
Considering the documentation, it was to read all of them but I do as
much to follow the policies. I am very sorry you feel outraged.

> Not all of them can get
> my attention immediately and if you need something
> urgently, then ping me and try to ask me for help
> instead of playing this theatre. I'd be happy
> to switch to a different task, if possible.
Noted. I will contact you when the need even trival is there. The lesson
will be applied in the future e-mails and I will continue
improving the communication.


Luya Tshimbalanga
Graphic & Web Designer
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