octave 4.0.0

Christopher Meng cickumqt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 09:15:36 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 4:51 PM, José Matos <jamatos at fc.up.pt> wrote:
> Please note octave FAQ
> http://wiki.octave.org/FAQ#Why_did_you_create_yet_another_GUI_instead_of_making_one_that_already_exists_better.3F
> In this case the important thing is the last (and a half) paragraph:
> "Also, many bits from QtOctave were reused in the GUI.
> QtOctave was a great and very useful tool. It looked beautiful and we are thankful to its developers for working on such a nice tool. However, it would have never been stable as it was. But most of all, the developers made it free software so we could reuse large chunks of it which were incorporated in what is now the Octave GUI."
> Notice also that the octave GUI, that is now the default, was also released for version 3.8 more than 1.5 years ago in that in my usage, I use it in classes, it is more stable than qtoctave ever was. Before that I have used qtoctave so I am aware of the problems presented by qtoctave.

Then it's better to retire qtoctave in Fedora while adding Obsoletes
tag to octave main package.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Meng


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