qmake needed by fedora-review?

Dave Johansen davejohansen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 19:02:54 UTC 2015

I'm trying to run fedora-review. Do I have something setup incorrectly? Or
am I doing something wrong? It keeps running into issue with not finding
qmake, but isn't everything supossed to be done in mock?

Here's the output from the process:
[dlj at JohansenDev ~]$ fedora-review -b 1231427
INFO: Processing bugzilla bug: 1231427
INFO: Getting .spec and .srpm Urls from : 1231427
INFO:   --> SRPM url:
INFO:   --> Spec url: https://sagitter.fedorapeople.org/COPASI/COPASI.spec
INFO: Using review directory: /home/dlj/1231427-COPASI
INFO: Downloading .spec and .srpm files
sh: qmake: command not found
sh: qmake: command not found
sh: qmake: command not found
sh: qmake: command not found
INFO: Downloading (Source0):
INFO: Running checks and generating report
Config(fedora-21-i386) 0 minutes 15 seconds
INFO: Results and/or logs in: /home/dlj/1231427-COPASI/results
ERROR: Command failed:
INFO: WARNING: Probably non-rawhide buildroot used. Rawhide should be used
for most package reviews

And here's the output in build.log:
Mock Version: 1.2.10
Mock Version: 1.2.10
Mock Version: 1.2.10
ENTER do(['bash', '--login', '-c', '/usr/bin/rpmbuild -bs --target i686
--nodeps /builddir/build/SPECS/COPASI.spec'],
'en_US.utf8', 'TERM': 'vt100', 'SHELL': '/bin/bash', 'HOSTNAME': 'mock',
'PATH': '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin', 'PROMPT_COMMAND': 'printf
"\x1b]0;<mock-chroot>\x07<mock-chroot>"', 'HOME': '/builddir',
'CCACHE_DIR': '/tmp/ccache', 'CCACHE_UMASK':
object at 0xb697426c>uid=1000)
Executing command: ['bash', '--login', '-c', '/usr/bin/rpmbuild -bs
--target i686 --nodeps /builddir/build/SPECS/COPASI.spec'] with env
{'LANG': 'en_US.utf8', 'TERM': 'vt100', 'SHELL': '/bin/bash', 'HOSTNAME':
'mock', 'PATH': '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin', 'PROMPT_COMMAND': 'printf
"\x1b]0;<mock-chroot>\x07<mock-chroot>"', 'HOME': '/builddir',
'CCACHE_DIR': '/tmp/ccache', 'CCACHE_UMASK': '002'} and shell False
sh: qmake: command not found
sh: qmake: command not found
warning: Could not canonicalize hostname: JohansenDev
Building target platforms: i686
Building for target i686
Child return code was: 0
LEAVE do -->

Mock Version: 1.2.10

Any advice? Thanks,
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