[Fedora-legal-list] [RFC] Switching to SPDX in license tags

Haïkel hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 9 13:14:36 UTC 2015

2015-07-09 14:24 GMT+02:00 Richard Fontana <rfontana at redhat.com>:
> What distros or upstream projects are actually using the SPDX format?
> I am not aware of any.

Currently Suse is using it, they even patched their packaging compliance
checkers to support it.

> I am aware of some projects using these identifiers. However, Fedora's
> use of license abbreviations is different in nature from that of SPDX,
> so I'd be concerned that use of the SPDX abbreviations would result in
> confusion (or else a costly change to Fedora's practices).
> (Separately I consider the SPDX identifiers problematic because in a
> number of cases they clash with common organic community abbreviations
> which happen to be in wide use in the Fedora community.)
> RF

I share your concerns about implementing it in Fedora, and before starting such
effort, we need Legal's approval to consider this or not.

It's mostly fixing our licensing compliance checking tools (though Suse already
has some patches for the ones we share), guidelines and a good calendar.


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