[Guidelines change] Changes to the packaging guidelines

Björn Persson Bjorn at xn--rombobjrn-67a.se
Fri Jul 10 13:27:50 UTC 2015

Jerry James wrote:
> First, what is a hint?  Does that word refer collectively to all weak
> dependencies?  The wiki page doesn't say, so I'm left to guess.

That seemed perfectly clear to me. Note how the word is introduced:
“They come in two strengths: "weak" and "hint" [...]”

The meaning of “weak” is more ambiguous. Sometimes “weak dependencies”
is used as a collective term for all weak dependencies, and sometimes
it means specifically the stronger kind of weak dependencies.

> If a transaction will
> install packages that fulfill reverse dependencies, then the packages
> containing those dependencies are also installed.

It took me several attempts to figure out what you meant with that
sentence. “Match” as used on the wiki page is a much better word than
“fulfill”. The whole idea of a reverse dependency is that the dependency
is contained in the package that fulfills the dependency, not in the
dependent package, so “fulfill” makes your sentence collapse into a
redundant statement that the packages being installed will be installed.

Björn Persson
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