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Antti J=?iso-8859-1?B?5A==?=rvinen antti.jarvinen at katiska.org
Sun Jul 12 20:42:25 UTC 2015

Michael Schwendt writes:

 > Over the last years I've talked to quite some people. Some simply find
 > the package review process "too embarrassing", because the tickets are
 > world-readable. Once they learn that the package they offer is full of
 > mistakes, they consider it "public shaming" and would like to delete

Normal thing in sw development ; when starting my studies/career I
first found it difficult to be told what and how I'm doing wrong. And
it is very delicate process to conduct from reviewers side to do so 
that the person whose work is under review does not feel he is told that
"YOU are The clueless wrongdoer and whatnot" but instead point out the
actual issues in neutral manner and suggest for fixes.

In Finland where I did my studies this was actually one topic at
school, also the person-person part of review/inspection.

Open-source should be done with open sw process, that is one reason
the process should be public, also having several pairs of eyes to
review the same package finds more issues, leading to better
quality. If reviewers disagree with each others, reasoning of
decisions is also in the open.

Sw is a bit like poetry, the programmer/packager/maker exposes piece
of her mind and may hope that others like that. Lets try to be gentle :)

Antti, also still looking for a sponsor

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