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> Can we just drop comps entirely (or at least trim them down
> significantly)? I know that this will not happen from day to day, but I see
> the comps just as an ugly workaround for missing weak dependencies, which
> we have now.
> Vít
>  > > > If we did that, we'd need to switch to some other means of
> grouping packages. ​Borrowing a bit from how the Debian/Ubuntu folks do
> things, probably massive virtual packages/metapackages would work well for
> this purpose. ​Or perhaps a "type" of package that defines groups to
> provide a similar function to metapackages without requiring garbage empty
> tarballs.
> One advantage of comps/groups was that it allowed to uninstall particular
> packages, where if you used Require at the same place, it would be all or
> nothing. For example, rubyonrails group would be better to express by
> Suggests dependencies then to have the group in comps. Not mentioning that
> Gnome Software can handle meta package while it does not handle groups (if
> I am not mistaken).
> Vít
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​It should be possible to convert over to metapackages, but it would
probably make sense to convert a few groups and see how it should be shaken
out. Remember, we're a bit new to this weak dependency resolution thing! ;)​

Neal Gompa (FAS: ngompa)
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