Wiki inconsistency with services enabled by default

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at
Wed Jul 15 15:31:57 UTC 2015

While investigating a problem with one of my packages regarding systemd I
noticed there there is an inconsistency with instructions on how to get a
service enabled by default.

The packaging scriptlet page[1] says:
If your package includes one or more systemd units that need to be enabled
by default on package installation, they need to be covered by the default
Fedora preset policy. The default fedora preset policy is shipped as part
of systemd.rpm
If your unit files are missing from this list, please file a bug against
the systemd package. Only services covered by the policy on which services
that may be enabled by default on package installation
<> are eligible
for this, and you will need to receive special permission from FESCo to
have a package start a service by default if it is not covered by the
existing policy.

While the Packaging:DefaultServices page[2] says:
For services which meet one of the conditions listed above, a ticket should
be filed against the fedora-release package
If the preset should be changed for versions other than rawhide, indicate
that in the ticket.

So one says to file the bug against systemd, the other says to file it
against fedora-release.

Which one is it?


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