shared-mime-info and desktops

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed Jul 15 20:47:14 UTC 2015


For a while now it's been possible for desktops to have their own mime
info (which is great), but it seems we have also gotten rid of the
generic one, which causes some strange behavior:

ie, /usr/share/applications/defaults.list no longer exists, and
shared-mime-info ships just a: 

This leads to issues with tools that don't happen to be run under
gnome. Of course other desktops can (and probibly should) make their
own lists, but IMHO we should also have a generic one for tools not
running under any particular DE. 

So, my questions: 

1. Can we add back a defaults.list ? 

2. Should other DE's ship their lists also in shared-mime-info or
should they provide it as part of some other base package?
On the one hand one place might be nice, on the other it would make
shared-mime-info update more often and sometimes for things that don't
affect you. 

Thanks for any thoughts... 


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