Should generic-release issues block releases?

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Thu Jul 16 16:24:22 UTC 2015

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 01:11:53 PM Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> This is being post to remixes, test and devel since people on test and devel
> may not ordinarily be involved with remixes, but might want to comment.
> Replies have been pointed back to the remixes list (hopefully won't be
> munged) and you probably should join remixes temporarily if you want to
> follow this thread.
> In yesterday's QA meeting bug
> was nominated as an f23
> final blocker. The group wasn't sure of the impact this would have on
> remixes if it wasn't fixed before the release, so it was resolved to
> reject blocker status for now (and the bug was fixed today, so this is moot)
> and start a discussion with remix representatives.
> In this particular bug, it wouldn't have been possible to install anaconda
> and generic-release together on the same image. That might not actually
> effect many remixes. The other big question is, would fixing generic-release
> after the f23 release instead of blocking the release work for remixes. Do
> remixes generally use just the release versions of packages or do they pick
> up updates as well?
> The release criteria that was proposed that the bug violated the spirit of,
> but not the letter of is:
> Release identification
> A fedora-release package containing the correct names, information and
> repository configuration for a final Fedora release must be present on
> release-blocking images and the appropriately versioned generic-release
> package must be available in the release repository.
> It was thought that for bug 1224561 to be considered a release blocker,
> the above criteria would need to have been expanded to include some
> functional criteria for generic-release beyond it just be present,
> So what we are looking for is feedback from people doing remixes about
> what they really need and when they need it?

It should have zero impact and should not be a blocker.  It could be nice to 
have.  Remixes are not supposed to use generic-release but use it as a guide 
and template to making their own release package. 

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