Improving our processes for new contributors.

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Fri Jul 17 08:17:09 UTC 2015

On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 23:13:20 +0000, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek wrote:

> So multiple people arrive at the similar workflow independently...
> I really think that something like this should be available
> out of the box for new fedora packagers. Probably as part of fedpkg,
> but can be somewhere else.

Consider filing a RFE about "rpm" to modify the default rpmbuild tree
structure. It may be rejected, because it could be that there are users
who like the default.

Or a RFE for rpmdevtools' "rpmdev-setuptree" command, which creates
a ~/.rpmmacros setting %_topdir. It could easily redefine other path
macros, too.

But else, I don't think this would improve the process for new contributors
significantly. As one can see, the new contributors manage to submit packages
into the queue, and they even point at koji test-builds. One problem is that
a growing number of package submitters stop at that point instead of trying
to follow the process guidelines -- which recommends providing some more things
ahead of time.

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