Summary of Thursday's call between GNOME and NM devels and Default DNS resolver change owners

Paul Wouters paul at
Fri Jul 17 20:06:22 UTC 2015

On Fri, 17 Jul 2015, Chuck Anderson wrote:

>> What doesn't work in your experience with the captive portal stuff?

> Usually, the dnssec-triggerd captive portal detection pops up a
> dialog, and when I click "log in" nothing happens.  When I click
> "skip" (sorry I might be forgetting the exact button names) then a
> captive portal browser pops up (I think this is the normal Gnome or NM
> one, again not sure).  Usually things work fine after logging in
> there.

Yes, the xdg-open command that launches the captive portal login of
dnssec-trigger often does not get launched for me either. Usually
I already have firefox open, so i go to or something to
trigger it.

> Even without the recent SELinux issues, dnssec-triggerd's captive
> portal implementation has been iffy.  Sometimes it works, and
> sometimes it doesn't.  I think there may be an issue with it trying to
> launch the captive portal login browser, or timing issues between
> Gnome/NM and dnssec-triggerd.

Yeah, I am not entirely sure what's causing it either.


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