Boost updated to 1.58.0 in rawhide and f23

Jonathan Wakely jwakely at
Sat Jul 18 11:46:51 UTC 2015


I've pushed a new version of Boost, 1.58.0, to rawhide and f23, which
will require all packages that depend on Boost to be rebuilt. The plan
was to update to 1.59.0 but that isn't going to be released in time
for the F23 schedule, so I'll update rawhide to 1.59.0 at a later

For the F23 rebuilds please use the tag f23-boost e.g.

  fedpkg build --target f23-boost 

For the rawhide rebuilds please use the tag f24-boost e.g.

  fedpkg build --target f24-boost 

After all the rebuilds have been done with this tag they will be
merged back to f23 or rawhide, as appropriate..

Any problems rebuilding either open a bug or feel free to email me or
ping me on IRC (my freenode nick is 'redi') and I'll be happy to help.




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