shared-mime-info and desktops

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Mon Jul 20 12:19:42 UTC 2015

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> On Thu, 2015-07-16 at 12:33 -0500, Rex Dieter wrote:
> > +1 I'm in favor, but ship it as mimeapps.list to comply with modern related
> > standards, see:
> >
> The modern spec is what provides for desktop-specific defaults.
> > Proposal: ship a generic/default mimeapps.list initially based on content
> > of
> > gnome-mimeapps.list
> A generic mimeapps.list would apply to *all* desktops, which doesn't
> make much sense as the expected defaults on e.g. KDE would differ quite
> a bit from GNOME.

The desktop-specific mimeapps.list is scanned first, and then the generic one.
The generic one cannot override the desktop specific one.

So if you have a mimeapps.list which is the same as the old version (eg. basically
the same content as gnome-mimeapps.list), it will not override whatever settings
you have in kde-mimeapps.list, just fill in the blanks.

> IMO the steps to fix this are:
> 1) for *all* spec-compliant desktops (IOW all current GIO-based ones:
> GNOME, MATE, LXDE, LXQt, XFCE) to ship their own desktop-specific
> *-mimeapps.list.
> 2a) fix KDE to conform to the spec, OR
> 2b) store KDE's defaults in mimeapps.list, and make sure that the others
> cover all the mimetypes provided thereby.
> 3) In mimeapps.list, add any Added/Removed Associations deemed
> necessary.

You can't have Added/Removed associations in the default mimeapps.list, only
in the desktop specific one. Which is of dubious value, unless you want to
say "this desktop file doesn't support this mime-type".

In most cases, you'll want to add that information to the .desktop file in
question instead.

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