[ANN] python-sphinx-latex is back

Michel Alexandre Salim michel at michel-slm.name
Mon Jul 20 14:21:11 UTC 2015

Heads-up to package maintainers whose packages make use of Sphinx for
documentation generation -- previously our packaging seesaw between two
extremes (under-specified dependencies on TeXlive, as in #882166 -- or
excessive dependencies as in #1220339).

Splitting the LaTeX builders into a separate subpackage doesn't really work
- sphinx-build assumes all the built-in builders are available and attempt
to load them.

I've now reintroduced python-sphinx-latex and python3-sphinx-latex, but now
they just pull in the required TeXLive deps (as well as the main
python-sphinx / python3-sphinx).

If you build PDF documentation, add python-sphinx-latex to your BRs and you
should be able to drop all texlive BRs unless you use them for other
things. If you don't you should be able to get by with just python-sphinx,
and it will no longer pull in hundreds of dependencies.

(Apologies for taking some time to fix this)


Sphinx 1.3.1 will follow for Rawhide and F23 once people have a chance to
try this out (both currently have -4.fc24 and -4.fc23, identical to -3.fc21
and -3.fc22 but there is an extra release due to an automated rebuild).

Best regards,

Michel Alexandre Salim
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