anybody running dhcpd & LDAP ?

Jiri Popelka jpopelka at
Tue Jul 21 10:42:53 UTC 2015

dhcpd upstream is going to merge some LDAP related patches that various
distributions use and I've been asked if I can help with testing.
Original message:
"We are now finishing the work on adding some of the LDAP patches into
our code base. We have tried our patch to verify that it builds but we
don't have a set up to verify that the LDAP portion works correctly. (As
this continues to be classified as contributed code we don't have the
time to properly verify it.)"

I haven't tried dhcpd with LDAP myself, but I promised to ask if there's
any volunteer with such experience.

In case you're willing to help testing it, 'dnf copr enable
jpopelka/dhcp-ldap-auth' is all you need to do to enable the testing
repo (
Then please send feedback to me (CC sar at

Thank you.

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