Hosting End-Of-Life Fedora Base images?

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Tue Jul 21 13:56:06 UTC 2015

If they are out of support, I don't think they should be easy to access.

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>> Isn't it true the install media ISOs are available indefinitely? And
>> if so the security cat is already out of the bag, so that's not a very
>> good argument. I'd say if we wanted to do something better it would be
>> an image that's usable for both VM and containers, and would be the
>> state of that version at the time it went EOL, i.e. it has all
>> available updates baked into it. And then de-emphasize the original
>> ISO as the way to run older versions of Fedora.
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> ​I tend to agree with the rest of the choir here in saying we shouldn't
> make it easier for people to use EOL releases. It will likely add
> unnecessary burdens onto us and our systems when people come to ask about
> EOL Fedora releases in Docker. Not to mention, we should be encouraging
> people to move up, not stay put.
> Honestly, I think if people need a platform that lasts a long time, they
> should be looking at CentOS with EPEL, SCLs, and/or other repos depending
> on what they need.​
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