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Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Wed Jul 22 10:45:03 UTC 2015

Dne 21.7.2015 v 19:28 Neal Gompa napsal(a):
> ​ Accessing the Copr site is as slow as trying to search our Bugzilla (which is very slow indeed). Opening up pages
> describing Copr repos is slow too. I occasionally get browser timeouts accessing Copr. As for builds, those seem to be
> okay, but everything else is obnoxiously slow.

This issue was identified and fixed 2 weeks ago. Is it really slow for you even in these days?

> If I want to be /really/ nitpicky, it's also not picking up my <> avatar either. ​

Your email in Copr is ng<SNIP>, while your email is stored in FAS is your gmail email.
I assume that your libravatar is not showing because you do not have libravatar associated with your
email alias.
However I wonder why Copr have different email from FAS. Copr update email from FAS every time you log into Copr. So
unless you change it recently and not logged into Copr since then it should not be different.

Miroslav Suchy, RHCA
Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer, #brno, #devexp, #fedora-buildsys

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