F-23 Branched report: 20150720 changes

Milan Crha mcrha at redhat.com
Wed Jul 22 14:43:26 UTC 2015

On Wed, 2015-07-22 at 12:45 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:
> BTW is there an option to turn on the full yum style dep resolution?
> -v adds some but not what is pulling in a particular package (or
> removing one) as part of a process. I might be strange but I do find
> it useful for some use cases.

I finally used yum-deprecated to get the comprehensive list of all
broken dependencies by my update. The situation with dnf is confusing,
because it:
a) stops on the first broken dependency
b) doesn't tell about any error by default, which makes it look like
   everything works properly, except of getting the new package which
   I know is there. It's very confusing for such yum-old-school like me


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