Packaging golang for secondary architectures, go-srpm-macros

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Fri Jul 24 13:36:15 UTC 2015

Dne 9.7.2015 v 11:18 Jan Chaloupka napsal(a):
> Recommended use in spec file:
> 1) To choose the correct compiler:
> %ifarch %{golang_arches}
> BuildRequires: golang
> %else
> BuildRequires: gcc-go >= %{gccgo_min_vers}
> %endif
> 2) To choose the correct command for building and testing:
> %ifarch %{golang_arches}
> %{golang_build} -o bin/binary %{import_path}/binary
> %{golang_test} %{import_path}/binary
> %else
> %{gcc_go_build} -o bin/binary %{import_path}/binary
> %{gcc_go_test} %{import_path}/binary
> %endif

Why are you not using the %{?golang_arches} and similar (i.e. with the
"?" at the beginning). Why the GO compilers does not provide some
virtual provide, which ensures that the compiler is available, without
even checking for architecture? This would avoid the need of requiring
go-srpm-macros by redhat-rpm-config and it could be build require just
by Go packages.

This is definitely step backward.


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