Self Introduction: Jens Lody

Jens Lody fedora at
Sun Jul 26 20:14:38 UTC 2015

Hello, I am Jens.

I just submitted two packages for review (gnome-shell-extension
-openweather and gnome-shell-extension-panel-osd).

Besides maintaining these two extensions, I'm one of the core
-developers of Code::Blocks and maintain nightly builds of C::B for
Fedora and RedHat/CentOS on copr (

I helped fixing a build-bug in pcsc-cyberjack ( and am interested
in becoming a co-maintainer of this packager

At work I am a software (and sometimes hardware) engineer and build
controls for purification plants and natural baths (mainly in germany,
sometimes austria).

I'm married and father of four children from 5 to 23 years (two of them
live still at home).

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