kernel builds in rawhide

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Mon Jul 27 12:11:16 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 5:10 AM, Tomas Tomecek <ttomecek at> wrote:
> I can see that RCs of development version of kernel are being built in rawhide.
> Which is really great to test new stuff. But I would be pretty scared to run RC
> kernel normally.

We test the kernels before we put them in the repo.  It isn't perfect,
but we certainly aren't just throwing builds over the wall.

> Would it make sense then to also build latest stable releases?

Peter covered the basics of why this isn't feasible in his reply.
I'll point out that you can typically download kernels from any Fedora
release and run them on any Fedora userspace.  We add conflicts and
Requires where appropriate to help for the rare time a kernel would
not work on a certain userspace.

> E.g. now it would be 4.1.3. All I can see in koji is this 4.1.3 build [1] for f22.

To be honest, I'd really love to decouple kernel builds from Fedora
release repos entirely.  However, our tools don't really work that
way, so it isn't possible.  Users can download them from koji or the
various release repo though.


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