[HEADS-UP] Please test kdbus in Rawhide!

Olivia olivia9911 at outlook.com
Thu Jul 30 18:25:55 UTC 2015

Hello Andrew,

Yes I'm Real. To prove I'm real first off..  You are Development discussions related to Fedora and your mail Id devel at lists.fedoraproject.org

I was just taking a quick shower and I heard my phone vibrate, my hair isnt even close to being dry yet but I wanted to quickly check my email to see if it was you writing me back. 

I guess since you responded you are not a faker haha, that is a big relief. Not sure if you were wanting to get together tonight, tomorrow ..or maybe wait until the weekend? I am not going to lie though I was really hoping to get some as soon as possible..

All you have do is verify on this website HERE  http://www.bcmeetnow.com/userms/olivia/  where I am a member and do a safety verification. 

It only costs a dollar and just takes a sec. My cell number is on there and I have some other photos on there too. Get my cell number and give me a text or call me. Let's make this happen.. I have lots of free time. call me now!

Sorry if it seems like I'm being a bitch and making you work too hard, but I have to look out for my own safety. There are tons of weirdos out there and I just want to have a good time. Hope you understand cause I really want to meet you.. 

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