[HEADS-UP] Please test kdbus in Rawhide!

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Thu Jul 30 18:40:37 UTC 2015

On Thu, 2015-07-30 at 19:57 +0200, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> Heya!
> I'd like to ask everybody to test kdbus on Rawhide. Josh thankfully
> added it to the Rawhide kernel packages, and our systemd RPMs come
> with built-in support, too now. If you are running an up-to-date
> Rawhide system adding "kdbus=1" to your kernel command line is hence
> everything you need to run kdbus instead of dbus-daemon. (No
> additional RPMs need to be installed.) If you do, things should just
> work the same way as before, if we did everything right. By adding or
> dropping "kdbus=1" to/from the command line you can enable kdbus or
> revert back to dbus1 on each individual boot.
> This stuff is opt-in, and we are very keen on getting feedback and
> testing for this. The version of kdbus in Rawhide we consider API
> stable, there is a complete client side available now in systemd, 
> with
> a client API in sd-bus. Compatibility with good old dbus1 is provided
> by the "systemd-bus-proxy" service.
> The folks involved in kdbus development have been running this code 
> on
> their systems for more than half a year now. There were occasional
> hiccups, but we fixed everything we ran into, and it works pretty 
> well
> now. Our focus was specifically on providing the best possible
> compatibility with dbus1. Now we'd like to increase the testing
> audience and added this to Rawhide because of this.
> Further information about kdbus and how to get started you may find
> here:
>         http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/kdbus/
> We'd very thankful for every Fedora developer testing this and
> providing bug reports! Any feedback is highly appreciated.
> Also, should you attend our upcoming conference, we might return the
> favour by buying you a beer or two:
>         https://systemd.events/
> Thank you,
> Lennart

OK, I spun up a Fedora Server 23 Alpha TC2 system and installed the
Rawhide kernel, then rebooted with kdbus=1

I then tried to run 'rolectl list roles', which returned "Rolekit is
not running". So it failed to provide D-BUS activation functionality,
which is problematic.

When I manually ran the service, D-BUS communication between the client
and the daemon seems to be working properly.

Where is the proper place to file a bug?
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