F23 System Wide Change: Glibc locale subpackaging

Jonathan Dieter jdieter at lesbg.com
Mon Jun 22 13:01:43 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-06-22 at 06:16 -0400, Jan Kurik wrote:
> Recently we made it possible to install a small number of locales by 
> supplying the rpm-macro “_install_langs”, for example
>    rpm -i -D _install_langs="en:de_DE" glibc-common.rpm
> will install all English locales and all German locales which start 
> with “de_DE”,
>    rpm -i -D _install_langs="en_US.utf8" glibc-common.rpm
> will install only the en_US.utf8 locale,
>    rpm -i -D _install_langs="POSIX" glibc-common.rpm
> will install nothing (but the POSIX/C is still available because it 
> is builtin into glibc).

Please note that this step in implementing the feature will break
deltarpms. Deltarpm requires the *full* data from the original rpm to
be installed in order to build the updated rpm from the deltarpm, so
the fact that we're only installing part of glibc-common will cause any
deltarpms for glibc-common to fail.

If I understand correctly though, the above is a stepping-stone to
subpackages containing the languages, which will *not* break deltarpms.

I do think the change is a great idea; I just want to make sure all
involved are aware of this potential pitfall along the way.


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