Intend to retire kde-plasma-daisy

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sun Mar 1 05:43:10 UTC 2015

Michael J Gruber wrote:
> this is a heads up notice that I intend to retire kde-plasma-daisy, the
> reasons being:
> - no upstream updates in almost 3 years

Then retiring it is pretty much the only option you have.

> - FTBFS in rawhide because there's no kde-workspace{-devel}

That's expected. Plasma 4 and thus kde-workspace 4 is dead. We ship Plasma 5 
in Fedora 22 and newer.

> - I don't use it myself.
> - Repackaging for Plasma 5 would probably require a new package
> plasma-daisy (which should not pass review, given upstream is dead), or
> a kde5-plasma-daisy subpackage (but then the spec would still FTBFS), or
> who knows what. I certainly don't know and don't see any specs to follow.

It is not merely a matter of repackaging, the whole code would have to be 
ported, which includes rewriting the entire user interface in QML (QML 2, to 
be precise). Plasmoids are what requires most work to port to the KDE 
Frameworks 5 world.

> If anyone would like to take over I'm happy to pass the package on
> rather than retire it.

Said volunteer would also have to take up upstream maintainership and do the 
porting described above. If they aren't already a KDE developer, chances of 
success are grim.

> Retirement is planned for rawhide and, possibly also the F22 branch,
> depending on what will remain in there kde-wise.

Fedora 22 will also ship with (only) Plasma 5, so please retire the obsolete 
plasmoid also in Fedora 22.

        Kevin Kofler

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