RFC: Audacious 3.6 build options

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 14:45:49 UTC 2015

Audacious 3.6 has been released.

This is another chance for interested people to join and help deciding how
to proceed with the Fedora packages. I'm still looking for co-maintainers,
too, especially some who have an opinion on how to package it.

I've been building pre-releases for it via Fedora Copr
( https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/mschwendt/audacious-next/ )
but don't know whether anyone else has played with those yet (minus the
MP3'n'similar plugins, of course, which are not available).

Audacious 3.6 has changed the used programming language from C to C++.
This also affects the Plugin API again, of course.

It offers new GUI options for us to choose from:

 1) The developers have introduced a Qt 5 based GUI that can coexist
    with the GTK+ GUI. It's called experimental, since it's not as
    feature-rich as the GTK+ GUI yet.

    It's a long-time goal to switch to Qt, however:

 2) The developers are unhappy with gtk3 and have returned to gtk2.
    Currently, they offer _two_ different source tarballs, as they still
    support gtk3, too, and some of the changes are not done conditionally
    in the source code.

They write:

  | Audacious can still be built with GTK3 if desired,
  | but we recommend the GTK2 variant for any desktop environment
  | other than GNOME 3.

Which _would_ open the possibility to build both, but I don't think
that would be worth the trouble (implicit conflicts in libs and packaged
files - the necessity to work around the conflicts somehow, since they
are forbidden if following Fedora's guidelines - the necessity to add
explicit inter-dependencies between packages, and most users would still
only install "audacious" and not an optional "audacious-gtk2" or such).

Enabling the Qt GUI would link Audacious core libraries with Qt by default
in addition to GTK+ and GLib. That has the potential to annoy Qt haters,
and Qt fans might be upset about the gtk3 dependency, too.

Comments, anyone?

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