Is systemd within a Docker container still recommended?

Michael DePaulo mikedep333 at
Mon Mar 2 03:41:56 UTC 2015


I am developing a Dockerfile for X2Go. I intend to submit a PR to
fedora-Dockerfiles within a week.

(X2Go was already added in F20)

Example Dockerfile with systemd:

However, I would like to know if the Fedora project still recommends
that I use systemd, or if I should resort to using supervisord or a
shell script.

I merely need to start sshd and x2gocleansessions. Both have systemd
unit files, but can be run via an init script too.

When I do try systemd, I am experiencing known issues with cgroups and
with mounting /run, unless I run a privileged container. It has been a
while since there were any comments on the CLOSED NOTABUG bz on these


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