Yum-utils and DNF

Samuel Sieb samuel at sieb.net
Mon Mar 2 19:29:58 UTC 2015

On 03/02/2015 10:37 AM, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
> One request: when you get to debuginfo-install, can you please change it
> to not disable the debuginfo repository when it's done? Currently
> PackageKit leaves old debuginfo packages unchanged when it updates the
> packages they correspond to, which is annoying, and ABRT does not seem
>   to do so either, which is not fun for anyone. That's "by design" since
> debuginfo-install leaves the debuginfo repository disabled, and of
> course PackageKit isn't going to look for updates from a repo that's
> disabled.
debuginfo-install installs the yum debuginfo plugin.  If you use yum to 
upgrade, it automatically includes the debuginfo repos.  But I guess 
that plugin doesn't affect packagekit or abrt.

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