Orphaning NCID (Caller ID server/client)

Eric Sandeen sandeen at redhat.com
Mon Mar 2 20:33:43 UTC 2015

I've not been keeping up with NCID (a caller id server/client system;
pretty neat, being able to send caller ID to mythtv, desktop notifications,

It needs some systemd love, and has newer upstream releases.  I was using
it on a CentOS 6 server, and have no good way to test it on newer releases.

There aren't a lot of bugs open; it just needs a little help to get it up
to snuff for current Fedora.

So if anyone wants it, have at it.  I'll go push the buttons on the pkgdb.
I don't mind hanging on to EPEL, because, well, it's been 0 work.  ;)
(and I have the system to test those).


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