Minifying a javascript library

Tom Hughes tom at
Thu Mar 5 17:43:45 UTC 2015

On 05/03/15 15:08, Jonathan Underwood wrote:

> I am trying to package up the java script library web-socket-js in
> order to unbundle it from xpra (currently under review). The
> javascript packaging guidelines[1] require that "If a JavaScript
> library typically is shipped as minified or compiled code, it must be
> compiled or minified as part of the RPM build process." I am not at
> all familiar with java script  - what is the recommended tool for
> minifying .js files?

Well the idea normally is to use whatever upstream uses, just that you 
should do it yourself in the spec file rather than use the minimised 
version from upstream.

That may not be possible if the minimiser upstream is using is not, or 
maybe even cannot be, packaged for Fedora.


Tom Hughes (tom at

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