FESCO request to revert password confirmation change in F22

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Fri Mar 6 14:43:33 UTC 2015

As resolved by FESCO in our meeting on 4 March 2015, FESCO requests that
anaconda revert a password behaviour change in the UI from F22,
restoring the "double-click to confirm weak password" behaviour from F21
and earlier.

As for how that's realized: I'm not picky.  If it makes more sense from
a development or maintenance perspective to keep the revert in fedora
package git rather than rhinstaller upstream, that's fine; if it makes
more sense to revert upstream as well, that's fine too.

FESCO is prepared to work with anaconda and other stakeholders to define
security models for the various Fedora products.  By clarifying our
needs we hope to avoid this kind of contention in the future.


- ajax

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