FESCo Meeting Minutes (2015-03-04)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sat Mar 7 00:11:28 UTC 2015

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> It is a two way street. You own the device. They make the OS. Each is
> their own 'ball' if I am using your original metaphor appropriately. Each
> sees the other as the field the ball gets played on. If you don't like the
> field that your ball is playing on you are free to ask for something to be
> changed. If it doesn't get changed you can go find another field to play
> on. And vice versa.

The idea that the OS manufacturers get to control what you do with your 
machine is a totally proprietary attitude that absolutely goes against the 
spirit of Free Software. This control-freakiness is exactly what we hate 
about proprietary software!

        Kevin Kofler

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