Is there a process for requesting packaging?

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Sat Mar 7 09:53:27 UTC 2015

Hi list,

I'm an upstream developer and I'm unfamiliar with the Fedora processes, 
so my apologies if I'm asking obvious questions or asking in the wrong 

I've seen lots of pages about how to become a Fedora packager, and the 
processes for reviewing packages, but I haven't yet found anything 
suggesting how I could go about _requesting_ whether an already 
experienced Fedora packager might like to adopt another package.  Is 
there such a thing, or is the only option that I dive into learning how 
to do it myself?

To be specific, I would be interested in submitting the GPL2 java 
application "GpsPrune" for inclusion.  It's already in Debian, so maybe 
that's a good starting point.  And there are unofficial rpms in 
OpenSuse, which may also be helpful.  There are only a small number of 
dependencies, most of which are optional, and I would be more than happy 
to help from my side to tweak things if necessary.

I believe that if there were packagers who had already created packages 
for java applications, and were willing to take on another one, it would 
take orders of magnitude less effort than if I were to try to do it 
myself and ask for it to be reviewed.  Is there a way to submit a 
request for packaging?

Thanks for your time,

Links for those interested:

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