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Mon Mar 9 12:21:22 UTC 2015


My name is Kushal and I am a student from India. At present I am writing my
thesis at University of Heidelberg, Germany.

I am a python developer with interest in Machine learning and Image
processing. I have been an active Fedora user for past 4 years and have
been following the development over the past 2 years. Other than this, I
have experience in web development skills (html,css,php,js). Also, I have
been a contributor to a few open source projects like mediawiki.

I plan to be a part of the infrastructure group and also be a packager. To
start, I would be helping to package some machine learning and image
processing tools. Also, would like to contribute to some of the
applications developed by the infrastructure team.

Recently, I submitted my first package python-docx : for review and I am
also looking for someone to sponsor me.

I look forward to contribute more to the Fedora community :)

Warm Regards
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