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Sun Mar 15 01:17:09 UTC 2015

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Il 15/03/2015 00:49, Antti Järvinen ha scritto:
> Dear Sirs,
> I have filed a bug at
> with hope that
> piece of sw introduced there will be useful for others too. According
> to
> I feel obliged to introduce myself in this mailing list too as I
> understand it might be possible for me to maintain my package under
> review for fedora linux too.
> In addition to having submitted a package on review I can also try
> helping in other packaging or QA functions that fedora linux project
> might have, if I can and if my time permits. The initial nudge to
> create the piece of sw under review was observation how regular
> internet users mis-use capabilities of open-source sw available:
> message exchange is very fundamental thing inside internet. Regardless
> of availability of flat address space and various security-related
> tools people often ask me to communicate through services that
> disregard the flat address space (by having for example client-server
> infrastructure) and make usage of privacy-related tools
> difficult. This attempt for fixing those problems is simplicity ;
> there is straightforward user-interface that, when used, will make use
> of server-less data-storage, server-less message exchange and normal
> library procedures for content encryption.
> In the past I have not, at least under my real name, contributed to
> popular open-source sw projects, I have been only using and
> developing on top of them. Before linux came into existence I was
> using minix on atari st. I started to use linux at kernel version 0.98,
> switched to commercial unixes between kernels 1.3-2.0 and started to
> regularly use again linux when kernel was 2.0. Some projects that I have
> made I have tried to share with community but found very little
> interest :) I earn my salary as sw developer, since year 1996 or
> something, and have previously been paid to contribute to projects
> related to industrial process control, mobile phone sw, embedded sw on
> small devices, many kind of web-services, other data-transmission
> related things and all this in every common platform, including
> open-source and commercial unixes. The programming languages I'm most
> comfortible with are C, C++, /bin/sh, java, tcl, c#, pl/sql but almost
> anything goes to small extent.
> The guide to writing introduction made a question "why should I be
> trusted" but I have no answer. Reputation grows with time. I have
> included link to SRPM with hope that someone will read through it and
> check that it will not attempt "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4k"
> -equivalent on first run ; it should not. I'm from finland, some
> people involved in open-source scene might recognice me but I don't
> know. My understanding of of possibilities of internet is that we
> might promote equal opportunities by encouraging use of services that
> are not tightly in hands of one person or organization only ;
> Classified ads clearly falls into this category. Latest source code to
> Classified ads is at
> and as user of Classified ads messaging system I understand that usage
> of unpopular messaging system contributes only to monologue so I invite
> everybody to immediately join the DHT of the system, my address inside
> Classified ads is 6AC2D159AB3A0B0F241DD6D12E4A1673588DD0E8.
> --
> Antti Järvinen, Oulu, Finland
> Version: GnuPG v1
> mQGiBDi9E/8RBACkxa+Ri4/HApuv5XmnATpnvDBu8qlAtOn55x4iiZ2xpb+EF/lG
> nQpv7qSffemUwe8bb8t7Ob8DbIXjdTqHfbUvjoYesZTSYf7qAaVVSnPJxaWHxxMC
> waVfQfE1FTsEjk1dS5m5nwwSmfQC12jeA0nDXDdfK2l3QJlEL7xXQgLhdwCglr6d
> wAQnOajIWJKS860lzCNI7nMD/R0aXHbOi8T5Ts+TQcS255EtC7sEVw4M7KJGwIql
> 6yG+y/x8NCx4o1F8N7LXNDscl0Cb3KmnTvsFqVmUiQTT8chdU7SZQB/88etRI+7c
> Sqh8D1xtCsCBLwLpxSA/61LEU/z/AguVsPMNSq52MD1bOgCakmbVNEca/Sn3ECsR
> bi8rA/4qps8gq4bos6OO0WPG8+q1xZ/DJaug63tZX2Db9vOGM5Gi2pCygyBm6+6l
> oOO5jm/U2qmZPhru91jPrNoldNpQWC0O4Pnq3frpk+la9v/jMDiaVTWXbVv9vMxz
> fi/UhRVcrlNQA82xyulKBuf8Hg/euLP/eCROko+vNvLlzXx98bQsQW50dGkgSsOk
> cnZpbmVuIDxhbnR0aS5qYXJ2aW5lbkBrYXRpc2thLm9yZz6IYgQTEQIAIgUCVPCy
> pprwVtUq21yEUhd0Ot+M7p0An11nWVx29yu+gL23/MZd6bcMt5pPtExBbnR0aSBT
> LiBKYXJ2aW5lbiAoa2V5IHVzZWQgdG8gc2lnbiBzY2h0b25rKSA8c2NodG9uay5x
> GQCfRN1cA6XVg9j945Ns4S1/Pr5baYG0KkFudHRpIFMuIErDpHJ2aW5lbiA8YW50
> dGkuamFydmluZW5AaWtpLmZpPohgBBMRAgAgBQJGur+uAhsDBgsJCAcDAgQVAggD
> BBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQUTdja+nNMWN2TgCdHt72WoZhvpaznnkie27SsPIUkCAA
> oIfURI+os/fjS5CI3RyVw57rmqlwtCNBbnR0aSBTLiBKYXJ2aW5lbiA8Y29zdGVs
> F4AACgkQUTdja+nNMWP0tQCeNACeSfqsEvS4b2dSUtC23EHngeQAoIVwMLdd0t7o
> jdb0CoVks+/vEdmftDZBbnR0aSBKw6RydmluZW4gPGNsYXNzaWZpZWQtYWRzLnF1
> 4lQAn2OuoUIsYhGCbkwS9XHxsee/sBsPuQENBDi9FAoQBACSagC/GYSDmp1ydBGr
> VHlXUH6tknvkR4MsCZHh0cVlfvQsgWYOcrh0dmJ60t//ltywH7XgJsaFIPqMfLVD
> pvhEkw265f64eWCn5ErrEaDlUjb1NGxB2ETWEgaMnAI9nB+ctdMpeXxfmeb0OqU6
> XULNCambTXgE3QD5NDXHCMYd8wADBQP+NXRwfywurfjD1Q7LjKIn+tmo5fNwT4jg
> Ugm1+qfrqpmjJ5+D9QLuVo+hxLA5oDIR11YqVPO99VUvLY2FcYHQdaplouE8NGku
> +TAAcJpWRFzvcy29QSJNO3mFIsKS5PE4dhdeh68YSXtGxXSMsrbaSKUDHgakP8x8
> njKTz8EtI1RR3QCfVnyjWKhzJ4StZt97JemMs6IrVQY=
> =29wo

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