Reason why non-commiters are not allowed to create buildroot overrides?

Sandro Mani manisandro at
Sun Mar 15 15:35:59 UTC 2015


Just wondering, is there a particular reason why non-commiters are not 
allowed to create buildroot overrides for a package?

Reason for asking: I've got a package (openambit) which installs a file to

Konsole output

This means, for every version change of wireshark, I need to adjust 
%{wireshark_ver} and rebuild.

At present, stable and branched releases, to avoid broken dependencies 
in the time window wireshark and then openambit are pushed to stable, 
I'd need to nag the wireshark maintainer every time to create a 
buildroot override, or ask for commit access to wireshark. I suppose I 
should do the latter, but yeah, just wondering if there is a reason 
against allowing people to create buildroot overrides directly.


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